Discounted Software Links

The links below offer discounted software for Non-Profits. To use Mi CIL, you need Symantec Pc Anywhere and Microsoft Office Professional (with Access) 2000 or XP. We strongly recommend you purchase Norton Anti Virus as well.

As of September 2002, Symantec offers its full version of Pc Anywhere to Non-profits for $25.00. Non-Profits must apply, and it takes 3 weeks. All other Symantec products are also offered, including Norton Anti Virus 2002. Click below to apply:

PC Anywhere and Norton Anti-Virus

Tech Soup offers MS Office XP Professional for around $60.00. To use Mi CIL you only need one copy of MS Office Pro. with Access 2000 or XP.

Tech Soup: MS Office with Access

Gifts in Kind offers different software titles and sells used Laptop’s at discount prices to Non-Profits.

Gifts in Kind: Microsoft Office with Access

Soft Choice sells volume licensing at a discount. There is a minimum 10 license purchase. or (800) 268-7638