Annual MiCIL Membership

Pricing Philosophy

The MiCIL Data Management System has three price principals. The pricing structure must:

1. Be as economical as is possible to enable CIL’s to take advantage of a powerful yet easy to use Data Management System

2. Allow Tanabe Systems to offer timely, high quality support

3. Facilitate Tanabe Systems firm commitment to serving CIL’s for the “long run”

With these principles in mind, the license to use the Mi-CIL Data Management System is purchased on an annual Membership basis. The Mi-CIL Annual Membership supports the commitments above and builds a partnership of CIL members and Tanabe Systems.

With collective CIL members from around the nation, Mi-CIL is able to grow and change as CIL members require, in a cooperative spirit.

Call for Annual Membership Pricing: (808) 373-3796

Support and Training

Support is included with MiCIL Envision. Custom training and development may be purchased.

Discounted Member Rate


Rush Rate


Standard Rate


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