Mi-CIL Offers More!

More than 75% of our clients have been with Mi-CIL for over 8 years!

Collective CIL membership makes Mi-CIL the most developed system on the market, yet it is easy to use!

 MiCIL – Features

  • Multiple Office Reporting; report on one Office or All
  • Compliance made easy with our Consumer Profile system.
  • Flexible State Reporting
  • Federal 7-OB Elderly Blind report module
  • ADRC module for Aging and Disability Resource Centers
  • Fee for Service Tracking and Invoicing
  • United Way Report
  • Federal 704 Reporting made easy, and rock solid accurate!

 Powerful, easy to use Reporting

  • Reports can be run for specific Funders and Offices.
  • Staff Performance and Timesheet
  • Powerful Mailing List Feature, able to handle entire Agency Mailing Label needs
  • Continual development of new reports
  • Goal Statistics and Referral Sources
  • Consumer Situation Outcomes and Consumer Survey
  • Many more… Many more… huge catalog of report

 Consumer Tracking

  • Demographics, Services Provided, Referrals
  • Staff Contact & Staff Time Staff Contact & Staff Time
  • Assessments, Advocacy, Employment Assessments; Advocacy, Employment, ILSA, Etc.
  • Goals, Case Notes, Satisfaction Survey Goals, pre-written or write your own! Satisfaction Survey
  • Fee for Service Invoicing Fee for Service Invoicing
  • Acquisition Outcomes; Baseline and Exiting Situational Differences Outcomes; Baseline and Exiting Situational Differences

 Group Services

  • Track Groups, enter group Contact Notes for Attendees

 Administrative Services

  • Tracks administrative staff time (Funder-Base)

 Information and Referrals

  • Caller Integrated Mailing List Feature
  • Agency Referrals & Information Supplied Agency Referrals & Information Supplied

 Community Activities/Services

  • Community Outreach Activity’s and Community Goals